We have filed over 3,000 income tax returns and tens of thousands of other tax returns. We proudly maintain a spotless record of not one malpractice claim. We strive to ensure the highest level of communication with clients, facilitated by software provided free of charge.

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We have prepared 1215 financial statements and 1160 corporate income tax returns. The Tax Office respects the integrity of our work, reflected in the fact that we have received only 23 inspections. We also offer our clients a comprehensive accounting software system for free.

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We are always pleased to participate in an enterprise's start-up. Most of the 116 companies we have established continue to work with us and value our contribution to the growth of their business. Companies that follow on with us since their founding also enjoy the benefit of free comprehensive financial management software.

Are you looking to start up a new company or close down an existing one?

To date, we have provided payroll solutions to 138 clients, and for their employees issued over 50 000 payslips. Of these, not one of was found to be lacking as to its social security contributions, health insurance or tax deductions. We provide continual assessment and peace of mind regarding tax matters with timely and efficient payroll processing.

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